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Interview with the Author #2 standard

Ahoy ye landlubbers, and welcome to another interview with the one and only Bailey Day. Captain Jorel be at your service, and I be speakin’ like a pirate on account of the theme of today’s interview. Bailey Day is ‘ere to tell a tale of the spookiest pirate story ya ever did hear, a story about vampires, pirates, and most importantly, vampire pirates! Cor blimey, me timbers’re shiverin’ just thinkin’ ’bout it! Let’s not waste any more time lads! Weigh anchor! Batten down the hatches! Unfurl the mainmast! Belay that lollygaggin’, and set sail for the interview! Arr! (Note: This is an actual interview that I had with Bailey Day, and has been transcribed word for word from a recording ...

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Trainer Talk with Chord standard

Good day, trainers! I hope that you are all training hard and catching lots of Pokémon! Elite Trainer Chord is here to bring you up to speed on the coolest and most fashionable trainers of our time (Hey! It’s secretly me, Jorel! Chord is my avatar’s name in Pokémon Sword. Don’t get confused!). Today we’re going to look at a trainer who has been all over the world of Pokémon and been on many adventures. This trainer also loves to write and has dreams of becoming a famous author. Yes, this trainer is none other than Bailey Day! To her friends in the Galar region, she is known as Livian, but for now I’ll refer to her as Bailey Day. ...

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Interview with the Author #1 standard

Welcome, everyone, to my first ever. . .drumroll please. . . (Drumroll) “Interview with the Author!” Bailey Day is hard at work on all of her stories, but contrary to popular belief, she does take the time to enjoy a book or two at her leisure. In this series, I’ll be collecting Day’s insights on all of the crazy books that she has been reading. If any books that we review sounds like an interesting read to you, we encourage you to read them yourselves! Today, I’ll be interviewing Day on a book that she read recently entitled Wandl the Invader, written by Ray Cummings. Got your popcorn? Got something to drink? Got a comfortable seat to sit in? Good! ...

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Under New Management standard

What is up, Bailey Day fanatics? I’m here to tell you that from now on, you’ll be seeing more of me and less of Day. Who am I, you may ask? Well, my name is Jorel. I am Bailey Day’s brother, a passionate gamer, a wannabe composer/game developer, and (as far as I know) Day’s biggest fan! The overwhelming stress that Day has wracked upon herself from running this blog has put some serious strain on her. So, I volunteered to lift this burden off of her shoulders and place it immediately back down onto my own shoulders. Bailey Day has entrusted me with full access to her blog, leaving me to do whatever I want with it. ( hehehe ...

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