“The Amazing Imagination Machine is insanely creepy fun. Teens and adults will find this frightening, twisted and absolutely riveting. Highly recommended!”

Jonathan Maberry

NY Times Bestselling Author of Rot & Ruin and Netflix's V-Wars
“A glorious tale comes to life on these pages as an old toy factory, abandoned for legendary reasons, is resurrected; with it, comes the infamous and frightening owner who’s intent on taking over the world. His “creations” abound, walking the streets of a once happy, peaceful neighborhood in order to bring about destruction. A boy, along with his younger sister and her suddenly lifelike imaginary friend, their uncle who holds tightly to a dark secret, and many more characters, must battle and survive this nightmarish place that would send even ‘Wonka’ fleeing to escape. A thrill ride to the very end, this story makes you wonder just what horrors would be unleashed if the imagination ever became reality.”

Amy Lignor

Author of The Angel Chronicles
The title of this book could also be used as the moniker for its incredible writer. Bailey Day has blown me away with her debut novel, and her ability to draw the reader in and keep them on the edge of their seat until the very last word.

Day takes us on a truly unforgettable journey that is a mix of horror, teen angst and, yes, imagination. But more than that, she takes us on a journey through our emotions.

As we ‘peek’ into the life of Jake and his little sister, April May, we meet and get to know an incredible young man. Jake is a normal teenager filled with all the ‘normal’ teenage thoughts, doubts, and insecurities shared by his peers; but when trouble happens to him and those around him, his true nature comes to life.

And trouble does come…in the shape of a mysterious toy factory nestled in the woods near his uncle’s house. All he knows about the factory is that it’s abandoned and off-limits. But when April May wanders off in the middle of Halloween night, Jake has no option but to head to the factory to find her. This starts off a blockbuster of a story. A story in which you will find yourself not only rooting for the protagonists and their friends, but also for some of the toys you’ll meet along the way.

Day takes us on this trip that’s far more complex than we originally signed up for. “The Amazing Imagination Machine” is not just a horror story, much like a Goosebumps tale, but it’s also a story in which our imaginations will be taken to their very limit. We will rethink what is real and what isn’t; what is family and what isn’t; and, what the limitations are to both love and life.

Although this is considered a YA novel, I consider this to be a story for all ages. The child in each of us will be scared along with the characters; the teen in each of us will laugh and shake our heads at Jake and his friends; and, the adult in all of us will be amazed at this young author’s ability to create a unique world.

Get ready to go on this fantastic adventure. But be extra careful…once inside, you may never be the same!

J.M. LeDuc

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author of the Sinclair O’Malley series

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