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Did you know that. . .

. . .

Bailey Day. . .

. . .

owns a pet?

That’s right. A pet. And not just any pet! This pet is a dog. And not just any dog either! This dog is a schnoodle. That’s a hybrid between a schnauzer and a poodle for those who are illiterate to the language of dog. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is not just your everyday, generic, run-of-the-mutt schnoodle. This schnoodle is. . .


Smoochy the Schnoodle

Stunning, gorgeous, drop-dead adorable, are only a few of the phrases that wholly compliment Smoochy’s looks. Perhaps you recognize her from a previous blog post where I talked about Bailey Day’s Homunculus Nightmare. That glorious, dark grey coat, those shimmering eyes, that cute little tail, and don’t even get me started on her beard! Doesn’t everything about her just make you want to hug her and kiss her? Well, be careful, she will kiss you back! That’s how she got her name you know. She’s very friendly.

How about an origin story? Bailey Day’s yearning to adopt a dog came about after she viewed the 2009 film Hotel for Dogs. Luckily, her parents were on board with the idea, as it would be a great way to teach her about responsibility, which taking care of a dog requires a lot of. Of course, I was there too, but this is about Bailey Day, not me. We went around to a few houses who were putting up some pups for adoption, and after many days and nights of discussing a decision that would impact the rest of our life, our heart’s set on the young, little schnoodle with the white paw. On the day of the exchange, Bailey and her family drove to the house where the little Schnoodle was being kept, picked her up, and drove her to her new home. It took some time for the little puppy to warm up to us, but she eventually did. After much debating over what to name her, it was Bailey Day who came up with the name Smoochy. The rest is history.

Smoochy loves to eat, sleep, and take long walks around her neighborhood. She loves to chase her little green tennis ball down the hallway and bring it back so she can chase it again. She loves to stand guard at the front door and bark at any invading dogs that wander into her territory. She loves to run free when she can and visit new places. Most of all though, she loves her family and spending as much time as she can with them.

You may have noticed that last paragraph contained all of the things that Smoochy likes. You know what that means! It’s time for DISLIKES! Smoochy hates it when she’s taking a walk and she notices a dog taking a walk at the same time as she is. She’ll become rather aggressive and attempt to attack the strange dog. We have a lot of theories about why she does this. I personally believe that she lashes out at other dogs in order to protect her family. She doesn’t know what the other dog’s intentions are, so she attempts to act big and threatening when she encounters other dogs in order to deter them. Smoochy has made a few friends on walks, so I think she just needs to get to know the other dog before she starts to trust them. If you’re ever walking your dog and you see Smoochy, keep in mind that you might not get the warmest welcome. Other things she hates: baths, wearing clothes, getting shots, smoke detectors, the vet, there are probably more. . . let’s move on.


Looking very regal today, Smoochy.
Smoochy has many places she likes to sleep around the house, and one of her favorite places is on this green pillow. It’s the perfect size!
This picture was taken on a day when Smoochy was exceptionally ill. One of the many hardships of dogs everywhere is that sometimes a few teeth have to be removed from their mouth to keep them healthy. Smoochy never really kept up on brushing her teeth, so she needed to have some teeth pulled. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Brush your teeth, or you’ll end up like Smoochy here! She is still somehow able to remain cute throughout all of this.

Did you know?

We have reason to believe that Smoochy’s tail is not meant to be as short and stubby as it is. If you look up pictures of Schnoodles on the Internet, you’ll notice that many of the Schnoodles shown have considerably longer and curly tails. Furthermore, a distant relative of Bailey Day also owns a Schnoodle named Noodles, and Noodle’s tail outmeasures Smoochy’s tail by a thousandfold. Our best guess is that Smoochy’s previous family chopped off her tail when she was young. . . for some reason. Or it could be that the tail lengths of Schnoodles vary greatly due to genetic differences. Who knows? That tail can still wag a mile a minute. Smoochy is not a perfect dog. But despite all of her imperfections–her missing teeth, her lumpy skin, her mustache–we love her anyway. She’s the perfect dog for Bailey Day and the rest of her family.

I know, I know, dressing up your pets might be considered a bit inhumane and objectifying, but doesn’t Smoochy just look so fabulous in her Christmas dress?
Smoochy looks rather dashing in a bandana too.
‘sad violin music plays’ “Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”
“Play?” Part 2
“Leave me alone. I’m trying to sleep.”
It’s been a tough day being the Smooch-ster.

So many unflattering pictures of Smoochy! If she weren’t oblivious to all the publicity that I’m giving her right now, she would be super embarrassed.

Not only is Smoochy such a great source of joy for Bailey Day, she is also a source of inspiration. When Bailey Day and Smoochy were a lot younger, Bailey Day and a childhood friend of hers were inspired to write a super hero story about their dogs. It was entitled SUPER DOGS. It followed Smoochy and her dog friend Star, who both had incredible super powers thanks to a little something called literary magic. They travelled around the land, making new dog friends and fighting crime of all shapes and sizes. The main villain of the story was one of Smoochy’s biggest fears come to life: a giant, sentient bath tub known as the B.A.T.H. , intent on washing all of the world’s dogs. . . or something like that. Bailey was, like, 10 years old when she cowrote this with her childhood friend, and without a doubt, the contents of the story are very. . . imaginative. Nevertheless, writing this story taught Bailey Day a lot about being an author, and I bet it even inspired some scenes in her future works. And apparently, she somehow consorted with her elementary school’s librarian to have it available in her school’s library, and as far as we know, it may still be there, getting checked out by all of the innocent little children who were enamored by the idea of dog super heroes. Wouldn’t that be something if it still was?

I’m not joking, it’s real. Depicted: Super Smooch in front, Star on a tower of some sort, and the B.A.T.H. in the background. A fantastic piece of art from a 10-year-old, wouldn’t you say? That being said, thank goodness Bailey Day improved her drawing skills over the years.

Smoochy turned 12 just last year, so she’s been living for a long time. If dog years are 7 years for every one human year, that would mean that Smoochy is 84 in dog years. That’s pretty old. And Smoochy has been showing symptoms of old age lately. She’s been walking slower, she has a hitch sometimes, and she needs to have shots as I mentioned before. But she’ll surprise us a lot with how energetic she can still be. This dog still has a lot of years left in her, and Bailey Day and her family intend to love her to the fullest.

Bailey Day and Smoochy

How’s that for some trivia, huh? I hope you learned something meaningful from this blog post. I’ll try to have more information ready for you next time. Something even more exciting than this! (Though this might be hard to top)

This is Jorel, telling you all to frequently shower your pets with love. It’s important for them, and your mental health.

Stay healthy, everybody.

Jorel signing out.