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Howdy, friends! Jorel is in the house, and he’s ready to play some games with the best sister/author in the world, Bailey Day! Let’s GO!!! Man, it sure has been a tough time for all of us hasn’t it? We’re going through a world-encompassing plague, forced to shelter in social isolation for months on end, all while living under the stress that each passing day will only be tougher on us than the last for as long as this pandemic rides out. Good times. . . Well, nothing else to do but distract ourselves from the grave terrors of the outside world with a bit of digital entertainment! And that’s just what Bailey Day and I were looking forward to ...

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The Amazing Imagination Machine’s First Birthday Celebration!! standard

Exactly one month from today, my book, The Amazing Imagination Machine, will turn one year old! It’s hard to believe that this book of mine has been out for almost an entire year! And I want to celebrate! How do we celebrate a world of fictional characters? That’s easy. Did you read my book and have any questions? Well, now is the time to ask them, to my characters! For the next few weeks, I want you to ask questions to my characters! Did you read the book and ask “Hey Jake, what’s so scary about this Toy Master guy?”, now you can ask. Every question asked, I will answer the way my characters would do so if they were ...

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My bookshelf started when I was just getting into high school. My cousin was leaving for college, and she was desperately trying to get rid of many things in her room so she didn’t leave a bunch of her stuff in her mother’s house. I remember my cousin inviting us over (well, me specifically) because she knew I loved books. I still do. I’m a complete nightmare whenever I walk into a Barnes and Noble, and I almost cried tears of happiness when I walked into Powell’s Book Store for the first time. But, at the time my cousin invited us over, I didn’t have my own personal bookshelf. We had one bookshelf in our house, one that was crammed ...

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