I’m pretty sure I found this book at Walmart?

I can’t remember exactly, but it was one of those books where when I saw it, I was intrigued. I read the front, the back, and flipped through it to spy on all the pictures, and I was hooked. Fortunately for authors, it doesn’t really take a lot for me to pick up a good book; a good cover, a good synopsis, and it’s usually in my shopping cart.

And this isn’t a book I regretted picking up; I absolutely love it! The story focuses on Charlie Laird, who hasn’t been doing so great ever since his dad remarried and they moved into a giant, purple mansion (why purple? The designers must have had an interesting taste in fashion). But, worse than that, Charlie hasn’t been able to get a wink of good sleep since moving in, instead he’s plagued with nightmares every time he shuts his eyes. How miserable is that!

But maybe his nightmares are more real than he first thought. Especially when one walks into the waking world and tries to kidnap his little brother. Charlie soon finds himself stuck in the world of Nightmares where everyone’s bad dreams come into play. A haunting yet playful place, where nightmares live happily scaring dreams away from people.

It’s got a cast of great characters. A male gorgon, demon bunnies, and The Dark – probably the scariest character. And it’s perfect for younger kids who love a frightening story. It’s not too scary. I found the book more comical for its giant bugs that wore nice clothes (along with other things) and sometimes that’s just the kind of book I want to read; a funny story with horror aspects.

Jason Segel knew what he was doing. As did Kirsten Miller. I hope to read the rest of the series someday.

  • Bailey Day