Ahoy ye landlubbers, and welcome to another interview with the one and only Bailey Day. Captain Jorel be at your service, and I be speakin’ like a pirate on account of the theme of today’s interview. Bailey Day is ‘ere to tell a tale of the spookiest pirate story ya ever did hear, a story about vampires, pirates, and most importantly, vampire pirates! Cor blimey, me timbers’re shiverin’ just thinkin’ ’bout it! Let’s not waste any more time lads! Weigh anchor! Batten down the hatches! Unfurl the mainmast! Belay that lollygaggin’, and set sail for the interview! Arr!

(Note: This is an actual interview that I had with Bailey Day, and has been transcribed word for word from a recording I taped of it. This is not a fake interview. It actually happened.)


JOREL: Good day, everybody. It’s a terrible day outside, got smoky weather, and I’m ready to do another interview with. . .the one and only. . . Bailey Day. How are you Bailey Day?

DAY: I’m good, but you-you think today’s terrible because you’re having an interview with me?

JOREL: No. Today’s terrible because there-it’s smoke! You can’t breathe outside, Bailey!

DAY: I know, but the way you worded that (laughs).

JOREL: Yeah, I’ve gotta word things better. How’s you’re writing going?

DAY: It’s going really good!

JOREL: Oh that’s good! . . .Anything else to add on that topic?

DAY: Nope!

JOREL: Very well then. Let’s get into the real meat of this conversation, Bailey. What’s that book you got there?

DAY: Vampirates, by Justin Somper.

JOREL: . . .I’m sorry, let me-let me make sure I heard you correctly. Did you just say Vampirates?

DAY: Yes. Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean.

JOREL: Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean?

DAY: Yes.

JOREL: . . .Vampirates. . .

DAY: Yes. Huhuhuhu.

JOREL: What made you decide to read this book, Bailey?

DAY: I mean, just read the cover. When I heard there was a book called Vampirates out there I was instantly just in love and I had to read it, cause why wouldn’t I read a book about vampirates?

JOREL: What exactly is a vampirate. I-is it just that? A vampire pirate?

DAY: Basically. You know, they’re all-they were a ship of vampires, and I think there were some other demons. There were some humans on their ship but they were mostly vampirates. . .they were-they’re vampires! And they were pirates. . . so. . . you got it. You got the gist.

JOREL: Yeah. . . all right. What kind of story is it, Bailey? Who would like this book?

DAY: Um, I think kids would like this book.

JOREL: Kids?

DAY: You know, it’s definitely a middle-grade book. . .

JOREL: Oh! Middle-grade.

DAY: Which means it’s meant for kids that are, like, you know, in middle school. That’s how I kinda-that might be not be, like, the technical, you know, age group they have it, but I would definitely, you know, recommend it for younger kids, um, because it was a fun adventure. And also, you know, just, it. . . I-that’s a horrible thing to say, but you know, it just was a. . . it was a really fun read that read more like for a younger audience.

JOREL: Who doesn’t love fun adventures?

DAY: I mean, yeah. Especially when they have vampires in them.

JOREL: If you don’t mind. Bailey, tell us what the book is about.

DAY: It’s about the twins named Connor and Grace, and, unfortunately, their dad dies so they go out on the ocean.

JOREL: That’s unfortunate.

DAY: Yes, it’s very unfortunate. And they get separated, and Grace ends up on a vampirate ship, and Connor ends up on just a normal pirate ship. So the whole book-

JOREL: Whoa. There’s normal pirates in this story too?

DAY: There’s also normal pirates in this story.

JOREL: Wow. . .

DAY: Yeah. And so Connor and Grace are trying, like, the whole book basically, just to see each other again. To find each other cause they get separated.

JOREL: Hm! Sounds pretty fun.

DAY: It was! It was very fun.

JOREL: Now, Bailey, one more thing. What was your favorite-without spoiling anything! What was your favorite part of the book? Of the story that you read?

DAY: Um. . . I think my favorite part would-there was a great line in here that really actually made me laugh.

JOREL: Let’s hear it!

DAY: It happened at, like, the very end.

JOREL: Take your time. Find it.

DAY: Let me find it. . .

(A few seconds later. . .)

DAY: . . .So they go to, like, um, this, you know, like a shanty sort of place-

JOREL: A shanty. . .

DAY: -where all these pirates go after they win a big thing. And it’s run by Ma Kettle. And I just-I really like these few lines:

     “Ma Kettle lead Captain Wraith off for a private chat and a dance.

     ‘Come on!’ she cried at the band. ‘Start playing! I don’t pay you to stand and gawp!’

     ‘You don’t pay us at all!’ cried the bass player. 

     ‘Oh shut up, Johnny, and play!'”

JOREL:  Hah hah haaaaa!

DAY: So that was my favorite part of the book.

JOREL: The classic “You don’t pay us at all” line! That’s pretty funny.

DAY: I-it made me laugh when I read it. 

JOREL: Very cool. 

DAY: That was my favorite part. Hmhm!

JOREL: Well, Bailey, anything else to tell our audience or shall we get back to breathing in all this smoke?

DAY: Um. . . I thought it was a very good book, and you can get it for really cheap on Amazon, so, I mean. . .

JOREL: I’ll add a link to it in the credits or something.

DAY: Yes. If you like vampires, and you like pirates, this is the book for you. 

JOREL: Well said. Well that just about wraps up this interview ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for tuning in to Bailey’s Bookshelf, and we’ll see you next time.


Well blow me down! That sure be an interview to remember. I near want to read this book for meself now! And luckily, I won’t be needin’ any treasure map to track it down. All I’ll have to do is follow this ‘ere link: 

Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean

Did I forget to mention that Justin Somper charted many a sequel to this ‘ere tale? Well, if the first chapter of the Vampirates saga leaves you cravin’ for more swashbuckling, blood-sucking adventure, there be leagues more where that came from:

Vampirates 2: Tide of Terror

Vampirates 3: Blood Captain

Vampirates 4: Black Heart

Vampirates 5: Empire of Night

Vampirates 6: Immortal War

That’ll do for this entry ya scurvy dogs. C’mon lads! Let’s crack Jenny’s tea cup and splice the mainbrace! Yarrr! This be Captain Jorel comin’ into port, reminding ye to mind yer health durin’ these unsavory times.

Jorel signing out.