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Inktober Week 2 standard

Day 8 – Frail This picture looks a lot darker than I originally thought it was. I swear I’m not depressed or anything. What I really was thinking of at the time was the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I read the book for my Advanced Placement Literature class I took in high school (AKA English 102). Frankenstein was probably my favorite book we read for that class. Not because it was good–because it was just plain absurd. I’m not saying Frankenstein isn’t worthy of the classic title; I love the story of the mad scientist who makes a monster out of human parts. It’s near and dear to my heart. But Mary had Victor do and say some . ...

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Inktober – First 7 Days standard

Day 1 – Ring I’m a big fan of a lot of genres, and epic fantasy is no exception. I always enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies growing up (especially the part with the giant spider–it’s awful to say that’s my favorite part in all the movies but it is). But I never actually have read the books. I read The Hobbit when I was about in fifth grade, which I loved. But I remember trying the Lord of the Rings soon after and I couldn’t read it for some reason. All I could recall from it from my memory was this ‘200 page dinner’ that I couldn’t get past. Now, I’m taking a P.E. class at my school ...

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Westly: A Spider’s Tale by Bryan Beus image

I first spotted this little book in our local Deseret Bookstore. I don’t remember the actual reason my family went there that day, but when I saw this on the shelf, I was curious and picked it up. I found the concept interesting immediately and a little hilarious; a caterpillar is destined to become a monarch butterfly, but when he hatches from his cocoon, he’s a spider. The premise tickled me, and despite the book being meant for much younger readers than myself, I wanted to buy it. However, my brother crinkled his nose at the very idea and shook his head. “No, Bailey, don’t get that book.” Sadly, I put the book back. But, that did not stop me ...

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Bailey’s Bookshelf image

My bookshelf started when I was just getting into high school. My cousin was leaving for college, and she was desperately trying to get rid of many things in her room so she didn’t leave a bunch of her stuff in her mother’s house. I remember my cousin inviting us over (well, me specifically) because she knew I loved books. I still do. I’m a complete nightmare whenever I walk into a Barnes and Noble, and I almost cried tears of happiness when I walked into Powell’s Book Store for the first time. But, at the time my cousin invited us over, I didn’t have my own personal bookshelf. We had one bookshelf in our house, one that was crammed ...

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