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Bailey Day’s College Art Gallery standard

Welcome to the tour. I’ll be your guide, Jorel. Let’s be off. School is out for the summer, and Bailey Day has graduated from her community college. Hip hip hooray! She is ready to get a LOT of things done during the summer before she takes the next step in her educational career, so let’s all send some good workflow vibes her way. And as I promised in a previous blog post, we’re going to take a look back at all of the things Bailey Day illustrated for her college Drawing class. Let’s browse the art gallery together. Shall we? Sketch Study Squares Bailey Day used these 2×2 in. squares to experiment with her various drawing pens. Very interesting stuff. ...

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The Conclusion of the Animal Arc standard

Welcome once again to the blog, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Jorel, and I just want to say that YOU. . . are fantastic. But enough about you, let’s talk more about Bailey Day! I thought we’d stick with the ongoing theme for one more blog post. We’ve already talked about Bailey Day’s real life animal companion, and Bailey Day’s virtual animal friends, but there is one more kind of animal that Bailey Day is familiar with that is neither real nor virtual. Well, they are real “physically” at least, but they’re not alive. Though they are able to come alive if you have enough IMAGINATION! Have you solved my riddle yet? I’m talking about. . . STUFFED ANIMALS! ...

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It’s April 16th standard

Good day, partygoers! Jorel here, and I’m not just saying “good day” for any old reason. Today really is a good day. A very special day, in fact! Today is Bailey Day’s birthday! Woohoo! Say it with me everyone. On 3. Ready? 1… 2… 3! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAILEY DAY!!! It’s Bailey Day’s 20th birthday. She’s lived a life two whole decades in the making, and she has accomplished a lot during that time. She has told so many stories and written down so many more; it’s as if Bailey Day was born to be an author. And she has grown into a fine author, let me tell you! And what’s more, this is only the beginning! Life only gets better ...

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Under New Management standard

What is up, Bailey Day fanatics? I’m here to tell you that from now on, you’ll be seeing more of me and less of Day. Who am I, you may ask? Well, my name is Jorel. I am Bailey Day’s brother, a passionate gamer, a wannabe composer/game developer, and (as far as I know) Day’s biggest fan! The overwhelming stress that Day has wracked upon herself from running this blog has put some serious strain on her. So, I volunteered to lift this burden off of her shoulders and place it immediately back down onto my own shoulders. Bailey Day has entrusted me with full access to her blog, leaving me to do whatever I want with it. ( hehehe ...

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The Amazing Imagination Machine’s First Birthday Celebration!! standard

Exactly one month from today, my book, The Amazing Imagination Machine, will turn one year old! It’s hard to believe that this book of mine has been out for almost an entire year! And I want to celebrate! How do we celebrate a world of fictional characters? That’s easy. Did you read my book and have any questions? Well, now is the time to ask them, to my characters! For the next few weeks, I want you to ask questions to my characters! Did you read the book and ask “Hey Jake, what’s so scary about this Toy Master guy?”, now you can ask. Every question asked, I will answer the way my characters would do so if they were ...

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