Hello all of you wonderful people!

It’s me. Jorel. Your go-to guy for all of the news about Bailey Day and her latest and greatest achievements. I won’t be talking about video games this time nor will I be talking like a pirate anymore. No confusion. No gimmicks. No more fooling around. It’s time for some straight up INFORMATION!

The Summer season is over, so we can finally say hello to the Halloween season! (I’m pretty sure this season has another name, but I can’t think of it right now). The air is getting chillier, the leaves are cascading off of all the trees, and for Bailey Day, it’s back to the old grind.

School is in session! Right? Well, yes, but actually, no. Nobody is going to school, yet everyone is still learning! All of Bailey’s classes this quarter are through Zoom (and if you-know-what keeps up, she’ll probably be Zooming for the rest of the year too); nobody has to go to school anymore. Instead, the school will come to us! Isn’t the future something? Bailey Day is taking three college classes this quarter, a very ambitious undertaking. In Environmental Science, Bailey Day will learn all about the environment around her. In Interpersonal Communications, Bailey Day will learn how to speak to other people. And in American Literature, Bailey Day will learn how to read. It’s about time! Jokes aside, I once asked Bailey Day how she felt about all of her classes being through Zoom. Not surprisingly, she’s one of the many who would rather learn in a traditional classroom setting than in a virtual classroom. It’s understandable. Who wants to learn about your environment when you’re limited from going outside? And talking to other people while their miles away from you sort of defeats the purpose of interpersonal communication. Nevertheless, Bailey Day will try her best to get straight A’s, and as diligent as she is, I can totally see it happening.

In other news, Bailey Day is still writing. Again, no surprise there. This year Bailey Day attended the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association‘s 2020 Writing Conference in Seattle once more. Oh wait, um, pandemic–it wasn’t in Seattle, it was virtual. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, the PNWA is a group of people who help aspiring authors get a head start on their careers. Every year they hold a writer’s conference that lasts for a long weekend. During the weekend, writing workshop classes are taught by well-known authors and those who aim to get their books published get to pitch their book ideas to writing agents. Usually a very famous author comes to give a great keynote speech that encourages everyone to keep writing. Bailey Day has attended the conference for many years now and has attended many workshops and made many friends in the writing business. She says she wouldn’t be where she was today if it hadn’t been for the PNWA’s help.

This year Bailey Day attended a few virtual workshops and pitched the latest novel she has been working on to a few agents. Stand by for more information regarding that in the approaching days. Bailey Day also entered into the PNWA’s writing contest. She entered her newest unpublished novel into the Young Adult category, and a short story that she wrote on a whim one day, H.O.U.S.E., into the Short Story category. To her surprise, H.O.U.S.E. actually earned Bailey Day a finalist position in the Short Story category. When Bailey Day learned this, she was thrilled to bits. Anyway, the big day rolls around to reveal the winners. Bailey Day is wearing her fancy poncho sweater that itches in the back, with her face about 20% comparable to that of a clown’s. Everyone is watching their screens tensely as the winners of the Short Story category are announced.

3rd Place: Not Bailey Day

Darn, that’s a shame. It’s okay, there’s still a chance, still a chance. . .

2nd Place: Not Bailey Day

Oh well, Bailey Day. You didn’t get it this year, but there’s always-

1st Place: Bailey Day!


Bailey Day!!! Number one short story writer in all of the Pacific Northwest, beating out every other finalist! This is huge! The cute little story that Bailey Day wrote on a rainy day earned Bailey the gold! This is probably one of the greatest moments of Bailey Day’s life! I’ll ask her. She says “sure.” I’m sure that she’s actually still secretly celebrating under that humble, complacent attitude. My little sister is practically a celebrity now! I bet you’re all dying to get her autograph aren’t you? I’ll tell her to start perfecting it.

Okay, settle down Jorel. . .

In other news, Bailey Day is still drawing. She is very excited for the first day of October. Do you want to know why? Why, it’s the beginning of Inktober of course! Every day during the month of October, every Inktober participant will put their quills to parchment and illustrate a picture based on a daily prompt. Anyone can join in the drawing festivities, so don’t be afraid to get out the old ballpoint and roll it over some paper. There are no winners or losers; it’s just a “for fun” thing, and Bailey Day is raring to go! Expect her to be posting her daily inks to all of her various social medias during the month of October. I can’t wait to see what she pulls out of that mind of hers, and I’m sure you all are as well.

In other news, that’s all she wrote.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all were able to get your fix of those precious Bailey Day facts. If you haven’t yet, you should definitely congratulate Day for a job well done.

Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

Jorel, signing out.