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A Home Away From Home at Home standard

Howdy, friends! Jorel is in the house, and he’s ready to play some games with the best sister/author in the world, Bailey Day! Let’s GO!!! Man, it sure has been a tough time for all of us hasn’t it? We’re going through a world-encompassing plague, forced to shelter in social isolation for months on end, all while living under the stress that each passing day will only be tougher on us than the last for as long as this pandemic rides out. Good times. . . Well, nothing else to do but distract ourselves from the grave terrors of the outside world with a bit of digital entertainment! And that’s just what Bailey Day and I were looking forward to ...

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Trainer Talk with Chord standard

Good day, trainers! I hope that you are all training hard and catching lots of Pokémon! Elite Trainer Chord is here to bring you up to speed on the coolest and most fashionable trainers of our time (Hey! It’s secretly me, Jorel! Chord is my avatar’s name in Pokémon Sword. Don’t get confused!). Today we’re going to look at a trainer who has been all over the world of Pokémon and been on many adventures. This trainer also loves to write and has dreams of becoming a famous author. Yes, this trainer is none other than Bailey Day! To her friends in the Galar region, she is known as Livian, but for now I’ll refer to her as Bailey Day. ...

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