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Bailey Day’s (and Jorel’s) 2021 Inktober Art Gallery standard

Hello once again, art connoisseurs. Back to review another year of Inktober masterpieces? Well you’re in luck, because this year we are featuring not one, but TWO artists who took the challenge. The magnificently talented author of The Amazing Imagination Machine, Bailey Day, and the also somewhat talented older brother of Bailey Day and host of this year’s art showcase. . .me. Jorel. It’s a double feature, ladies and gentlemen! A clash of pen-and-ink expertise! Now, without further ado, the art! Bailey Day’s drawings are on the left. Mine are on the right. “Am I full-time college student attempting to do #Inktober while also writing a novel??? Yes. We’ll see if I survive.“ Bailey Day, October 1 “Boo.“ Bailey Day, ...

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