Oh hey! Long no time see. Nevertheless, Jorel is still here, and I’m still the same old me! Probably. I bet you want to know what Bailey Day has been up to all this year. Well, let me give you a quick rundown.

Bailey Day got through another year of university, erstwhile toiling away at her newest novel, constantly writing and editing and writing and editing and writing and editing and writing and editing and writing and editing every single moment of every waking day. And at last! She has her manuscript in a state that she can be confident in confiding to literary agents. She’s queried her novel to many agents thus far and has also received a fair amount of rejection. But she’ll keep trying! I know she will! There’s gotta be somebody out there who can appreciate Bailey Day’s work the same way we do, who will fall in love with her style, story, and characters, and shout, “YES! I want to work with her!” Bailey Day cannot wait for that day. But wait she must, because patience is the most important quality to have for this part of the publishing process. Let’s all wish Bailey Day some good luck on this next step of her writing career, and hopefully, we’ll get to hear some good news very soon.

In the meantime, Bailey Day decided to take on the Inktober challenge once again! For those of you who are out of the loop, Inktober is a challenge that takes place during the entire month of October. The objective of the challenge is to draw a picture following a specific one-word drawing prompt (usually) for each of the 31 days of the month (You don’t have to follow the prompts if you don’t want to. You can just draw whatever you want!) It was a long month, but October is finally over, and the results are in! Bailey Day completed the Inktober 2022 challenge. Oh, and, uh… Jorel did too. That’s me. I’m Jorel. So that’s two years in a row for me, and I believe four years in a row for Bailey Day. Can we make it three and five???

Anyway, that’s enough buildup. Let’s take a gander at the gallery, shall we?

As before, Bailey Day’s art is on the left, and my art is on the right.

“Night on Bald Mountain intensifies”

Jorel, October 1

“This is actually a character that’s been in my head ever since I was in elementary school, yet I haven’t used him in one of my novels yet. Maybe that will change one day.”

Bailey Day, October 3

Can you believe it? Bailey Day drew a ghost on the 6th day of Inktober again! And it’s even cuter than the original! Bailey Day’s art skills are improving every year, aren’t they?

“I don’t know what a car looks like.”

Jorel, October 8

“Ten points to anyone who can tell me where these two are from.”

Bailey Day, October 8

“I just had to draw them once during the challenge, and today was the day.”

Jorel, October 13

“POV: You’re the last pringle in the pringles can.”

Jorel, October 14

“Do you think the Morton salt girl ever gets tired of the rain, or the fact that her salt is literally spilling everywhere?”

Bailey Day, October 17

Ah yes. Ponytail. This was the day that Bailey Day drew the head of a horse. That inspired me to draw a horse without its head. And… if it’s all right with everyone else on the tour, I’d like to perform a little experiment, if only to appease my own curiosity. Thanks to the power of photo-editing technology, we can save this poor horse from its decapitation! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the combined picture of Bailey Day’s and Jorel’s Day 19 Inktober Drawing!

Hm! Not bad!

“Bluffing bluff. Haha, get it *cough cough.*”

Bailey Day, October 20


Bailey Day, October 22

“That’s day 29’s prompt, Bailey.”

Jorel, October 22


Steve Harvey, October 22

“Back by unpopular demand, it’s the sequel that nobody asked for!

Pick 2: Real Nice”

Jorel, October 23

“What I remember from Psychology 101.”

Bailey Day, October 26

“My childhood crush.”

Bailey Day, October 30

…TMI, Bailey Day.

31 days and 62 drawings later, it’s November 1st, and the Inktober 2022 is over. Just think of all the extra time I have now that I don’t have to draw every day! Though it was fun. Only 11 months to go until the next challenge.

But hopefully this whole challenge was worthwhile for Bailey Day. Bailey Day has a story idea that will require her to push her skills as an artist to the absolute limit! Therefore, she needs all the practice she can get. Keep on practicing your art skills Bailey Day, then maybe one day, you’ll be confident enough to make your great idea a reality!

Anyway, thank you all for sticking to the end of the tour. Who knows when you’ll see me again. Worst case scenario would be a year from now, but hopefully it doesn’t get to that point. Anyway, that’s all the time I have. I’ve got to go and express my gratitude to all the people who are wishing me a happy birthday.

Stay healthy, everybody.

(Jorel signing out)