Wow. That was some summer, wasn’t it?

Wait. . .what’s the date? Holy moly! I haven’t made a new blog post in over 3 months? Oh man. I am so fired. I’ve got to think of something fast to post fast. A lot has been going on with Bailey Day lately. I guess it’s time for that interview I promised a while ago. Why not. Let’s hear what’s been happening with Bailey Day straight from the horse’s mouth.


(Intro Music)

Jorel: And here she is, folks! Straight out of the library! You know her, you love her, and you especially love the way she writes! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Bailey Day!!!

(Thunderous applause)

Day: Why, thank you for introducing me, Jorel.

Jorel: You’re very welcome, Bailey day. I’m glad you’re here. How’s it going? How’s life?

Day: It’s going really good, yeah!

Jorel: Going really good!

Day: Yeah!

Jorel: I’m glad to hear that.

Day: Mhm.

Jorel: Anything. . .going on that we should know about?

Day: Um. . .I’m at college right now.

Jorel: COLLEGE!?

Day: I know ! It’s-

Jorel: Waitaminutewaitwhoawhoawhoawhoa whoa whooa whoooa. . .whoa. College?

Day: Mhm!

Jorel: That’s not in my notes! When did that happen, Bailey, what?

Day: I moved to college like on September 18th. With you!

Jorel: ME!??

Day: Yeah!

Jorel: I’m in college too!?!??!

Day: You are in college too!

Jorel: OH MY GOSH!

Day: Isn’t it shocking?

Jorel: This is crazy!

Day: I know!

Jorel: . . .So. . .how’s that been for you?

Day: It’s been really good. My classes have been good. I’m not dead yet, so. . .I can’t complain!

Jorel: That’s good. Must’ve been a. . .strange transition?

Day: Yeah. It’s definitely been different not having the parents around, but also kind of liberating at the same time, you know?

Jorel: I’ll give you that one.

Day (With a mouthful of chocolate pudding): (Unintelligible)

Jorel: So! You’ve been working on a new novel-and this is exciting, Bailey, you’ve recently showed off the title of your new novel on Facebook!

Day: That’s true. That’s true, I did on Twitter and Instagram too.

Jorel: Right. So what was the title again?

Day: It’s called “Earth Kills”.

Jorel: “Earth Kills”?! Haha, now that’s a strange name.

Day: I know.

Jorel: Why don’t you tell us what it’s going to be about?

Day: So. . .(reads cue card). . .I’m not actually, because I don’t want to spoil anything.

Jorel: Ah.

Day: I mean, you don’t want any spoilers or anything.

Jorel: You’re right. My bad. I will love to read it when it eventually is published.

Day: Yeah! Yeah, it will be. Um-

Jorel: I am very excited for it. And I know all of your fans are excited too, Bailey!

Day: I know.

Jorel: Another. Bailey Day. (Slams fist on table) Masterpiece!

Day: I know. I’m excited too. It’s been a while since I’ve published a book. I don’t have a publisher yet for this one though, so. . .it’ll be a lot of querying to agents and stuff

Jorel: Well, sure thing. It’s still in the beginning stages, I guess.

Day: Mhm.

Jorel: (Pulls a Feraligatr out of nowhere) What’s your opinion on this?

Day: Oh, that’s a Feraligatr!

Jorel: Yeah. What’s your opinion on it?

Day: I love him so much.

Jorel: Do you now?

Day: I do. He’s like perfection. . . in a. . . giant. . . blue. . . crocodile thing. . .

Jorel: Giant blue crocodile is right!

Day: Mhm. . .or alligator, I guess. No. . .

Jorel: It’s a “Fer-alligator”, so technically an alligator. But it’s not really an alligator because it’s a Pokémon.

Day: But Croconaw is before, so. . .depends what you want.

Jorel: Anyway, Bailey.

Day: Mhm?

(Pause for dramatic effect_

Jorel: It’s October.

Day: It is October.

Jorel: Isn’t it your favorite month of the year?

Day: It is. Halloween is, like, you know, it’s pure perfection. As soon as the spirit of Halloween pops up I just know it’s my time of year.

Jorel: Heck yeah!

Day: Mhm.

Jorel: But not only is it October, it’s also Inktober, Bailey!

Day: It’s true! It is also Inktober!

Jorel: I’ve seen a few of your “inks” already on Facebook.

Day: Yeah! Mhm.

Jorel: But do you think you’ll be able to accomplish such a feat?

Day: We’re gonna try!

Jorel: Even when you’re in college?

Day: I know. . .I’m a little worried. But we’re going to try our darnedest. They might not just be as-

Jorel: That’s right! We’re going to try, because I’m doing it too!

Day: That’s true, you are. They might not just be as detailed as other years, but I’m doing it on a smaller page.

Jorel: Well, I know that all of (pounds table) DIE-! HARD! Fans, Bailey, love to see your drawings.

Day: I’m sure.

Jorel: And will love to see what you draw this year!

Day: Uh-huh.

Jorel: You know I’m gonna make a blog post about that! When the time comes. . .

Day: Like in. . .November, yeah. Hahaha.

Jorel: Yeah! November 1st! My birthday!

Day: Okay! That’s right. Your birthday is November 1st, Jorel.

Jorel: . . .it is!

Day: What do you want?

Jorel: Hey! This is about you, Bailey!

Day: (Uncontrollable laughter)

Jorel: (Pulls Stitches out of nowhere) What’s your opinion on this?

Day: Oh, Stitches? From Animal Crossing?

Jorel: Yeah.

Day: He’s like. . .the perfect villager.

Jorel: (Glares at Bailey Day in disbelief)

Day: Well, he’s lazy, but, you know, he’s a good friend when he remembers you.

Jorel: . . .yeah!

Day: Yeah!

Jorel: Do you think he remembers you right now?

Day: Probably not. I haven’t been on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for like. . .probably a year at least. Well. . .maybe not quite that, but it’s been a while.

Jorel: Well, I know everybody on Hunky-dory misses you, Bailey!

Day: I know too.

Jorel: But let ’em wait a while longer. They understand. You’re a busy author.

Day: Yeah. That’s right. They know my dreams.

Jorel: Hey. . .

Day: Yeah?

(Pause for even more dramatic effect)

Jorel: You read any good books lately?

Day: I am reading a good book right now.

Jorel: Really? What’s it called?

Day: It’s called “Magic, Mystery and Mirth” by Lindsay Schopfer.

Jorel: Ooooooo. . .OH! Lindsay Schopfer. That’s a name that sounds familiar to me.

Day: Yeah! He’s my editor right now on my newest novel.

Jorel: Hm!

Day: He does it probably better than I do in several ways.

Jorel: Well. . .(searches for the proper thing to say). . .that’s great to hear, Bailey!

Day: Yep.

Jorel: You two are like a. . . super good. . .editing. . .tag team!

Day: Yeah. It’s fun.

Jorel: Yeah. (Pulls up a photograph of Bailey Day;s dog, Smoochy) What’s your opinion on this?

Day: Oh! My dog? I love my dog, Smoochy. She’s a sweetheart.

Jorel: (Nods) Yes she is.

Day: That’s true.

Jorel: Do you think she misses you?

Day: Well, I think she misses me a lot. You know. . .I think I miss the dog more than I do the parents right now, cause at least my parents understa-


Day: Not anything against my parents! It’s, um, you know, the parents at least have a concept of college and stuff.

Jorel: But Smoochy does not.

Day: Smoochy just thinks we’re gone.

Jorel: And the fact that she’s blind. . .

Day: She has lost her sight.

Jorel: That makes it even worse. . .

Day: But she’s still kicking!

Jorel: That’s great to hear, Bailey! Me and you both. We’re both glad to hear.

Day: We are both glad to hear that, yeah.

Jorel: Anyway. Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any last predictions on the final Smash Bros. fighter that’s going to be released tomorrow? Or at least announced tomorrow?

Day: I am super excited for that. I want-okay, they probably won’t. . .

Jorel: But you never know, Bailey!

Day: You never know. . .I want it to either be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-

Jorel: Ace Attorney?! WHOA!

Day: Yeah. Either him or Crash Bandicoot.

Jorel: Ah. . .Crash Bandicoot. . .

Day: I think would be two really fun characters. You could do like Phoenix Wright with, like, Miles Edgeworth too like as a different skin. It could work.

Jorel: Ah! Genius, Bailey!

Day: I know. I like Phoenix Wright. It’s a very silly game.

Jorel: All right. Any last words for your fans before we end the interview, Bailey?

Day: Um. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .it’s been fun! And I’m excited to write more stuff!

(Huge round of applause)

Jorel: We all love to hear that, Bailey! Thank you for your punctuality in arriving here today.

Day: Yeah. Hmhm.

Jorel: And with that we’ll see everybody later on Bailey Day’s Bookshelf! WOOHOO!

Day: All right, bye!

Jorel: Outro music! Play it!

(Outro music plays)


That’s more like it. Another interview on the blog after so long. Thankfully one that isn’t on a book about pirates. And I hope all of YOU at home enjoyed the interview as well. Bailey Day is one cool character isn’t she? And don’t worry if you don’t get all of the video game references, they’re not for everybody.

Sorry about the long wait, but I’m ready to go again! Get ready for Season 2 of the blog: Bailey Day’s life in College! I’ll attempt to come up with creative things to post, but until then, you can look forward to seeing all of the pen art that Bailey Day and I will sketch out for Inktober. I’ll compile all 62 drawings together and post them on the blog on November 1st, so get excited for that! Until then, take care all you gorgeous people.

This is Jorel, telling you to keep learning, no matter your age.

Stay healthy, everybody.

Jorel signing out.