Hello Everyone!

This is gonna come as a shocker, but it’s not Jorel this time—it’s actually me, Bailey Day. What? Bailey writing on her own blog again? It must be some kind of miracle. And it kind of is. Because today is a very special day for me.

It’s my book’s second birthday!

It’s really weird to think that two years ago this very day, The Amazing Imagination Machine was first published. I remember the day well; I stayed up really late, watching my book’s page on Amazon until I finally saw it switch from preorder to order. It was kind of incredible. The support I also received from friends online was incredible. I had one friend who stayed up just as late as me just so she could be the first one to officially buy my book. I feel like I’ve been chasing for that high ever since. As you know, I don’t as of yet have another book out, but I’m hoping that will change. How soon, I don’t know. But I am in the midst of a book right now, one that I am in love with more than is probably healthy, so hopefully that book can one day see the light of day, just as The Amazing Imagination Machine has.

With me being booked with school and everything, I didn’t properly prepare anything big to celebrate my book’s birthday, but I did want to reach out to all of you and say this; Thank You. My book would not have been possible were it not for all the people who have supported me over the years. Thank you, who always supported my dream of being an author and keep supporting that dream. Thank you, all of you who have purchased my book. Thank you, all of you who maybe have just read the free sample on Amazon! Thank you for reading this. This year has been a year with a lot of downs, but there are still positive things. The fact that my book is still available and out there on the market is incredible to me. The fact that people still find interest in me and my work is a huge blessing to me.

So, thanks for being you. I hope you enjoy the book you are reading right now, and I hope you find many more enjoyable books to come. Hopefully someday, I will be able to write a book or two that makes it into your favorite books pile.

Happy Holidays! Here’s to a better year, with a lot more writing to do!

  • Bailey