Hello all you admirers of Bailey Day’s art! Remember me? It’s Jorel: Bailey Day’s biggest fan and the coolest older brother in the world! I’m here once again to blog about my favorite author. Let’s get right into it!

Day’s first novel released a few years back, and I know that you all are just DYING to know what she’s been up to and when her next bestseller will be available on the shelves. Well don’t worry, it’s getting there. Every day she shuts herself in her room and types away furiously at her computer keyboard. If I’ve learned anything from my sister, it’s that the story-editing-process takes a loooooooooong time. Day won’t be deterred by that, however. She’s currently in the process of editing her latest YA novel, and she’s even recruited the help of another talented author, Lindsay Schopfer , to help with all of the edits. Schopfer has written such works as The Beast Hunter and Lost Under Two Moons, and Day is thrilled to have him as her editor. So I know that you all are really craving to read another masterpiece from Bailey Day, but remember, it might be a loooooooooong time before you see anything. Hang in there!

But wait! I’m not done yet! Bailey’s novel wasn’t the new project that I wanted to talk about! If you didn’t already know, Bailey Day is a multi-talented artist and has created art in many mediums. Not only is she working on a regular novel, but she is also creating a graphic novel! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. My sister, after reading and appreciating comic books and web comics for many years, has finally decided to start making one of her own. Her dream right now is to be accepted into Hiveworks Comics, a graphic novel publisher, and tell her story a page at a time. You’ve all probably fallen out of your chairs in excitement after hearing this news. A comic book written and illustrated by Bailey Day!? Who wouldn’t read that!?!?

Do you want to know what it’s going to be about? TOO BAD! I’m sworn to secrecy so, sorry, I can’t tell you.


Maybe I can show you! I’ll give you subliminal hints as to what her comic will be about by showing you seemingly random pictures that I found from various locations on the web. Ready? Here is what Bailey’s graphic novel will be about:

A magnifying glass? What other fictional character uses this tool, and what genre of story is he known for?
Whoa… spooky. Red eyes, shadowy wings. What is this creature?
What the heck!?! Another monster? What’s with that pointy head? And those EYES! I’m getting the heebie-jeebies!
Oh, those are some pretty flowers. A pleasant sight compared to those monsters that we saw before.
Wow… It’s a big, old, boring, gray wall. How exciting…
Wait a minute…
I-is that… ME?!?

And that’s what Day’s comic is going to be about! Did you catch any of that? Did you figure out what it all means? Well, I hope this experience got you even more excited for it. She’s in the beginning stages of this project, working on one page at a time. She’ll be applying to get into Hiveworks in the coming weeks, and if she is successful, she’ll be posting one or two pages a week on the website. Day will be very busy, so I hope you all wish her luck in this endeavor.

That’s all for now. You can all get back in your chairs and relax again. See you next time, and stay healthy!